Community Guidelines

These community guidelines have been established to maintain debates respectful and beneficial. The objective of this blog is to inform viewers, and discussions allow us to gain knowledge from others.

Below is what I expect from my viewers going forward, as I highly value the importance of respect within this platform for all:

  1. Bullying or hate speech of any type will not be tolerated. Any comments that contain inappropriate or abusive language will be automatically flagged and removed. This may result in being barred from using this platform.
  2. DO NOT comment or give out any personal information about yourself, as this can be extremely dangerous. Personal information will be deleted no matter the circumstances.
  3. The promotion of illegal activity of any kind is prohibited on this platform!
  4. Adopt a learning-centered attitude in your responses. Insults from individuals are unproductive in this process. The goal of conversations in this blog is to learn about diverse points of view, not to dispute “right or wrong”. Keep comments respectful and accepting of each other’s point of view on any subject discussed. 

Action will be taken if any of these guidelines are broken. If any individual comes across a comment that breaks the guidelines set, please report immediately, as we value the safety and respect for all who come onto this platform. Action will be taken as soon as possible if reports are made! If recurring issues arise, the individuals who break the guidelines will be banned immediately!

A special thanks to THINKIFIC for the inspiration for the guidelines set in place.